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Vesta System Components - Product Page

We have resources to help you plan your Vesta system. Click here for general information about planning, configuring, and ordering.

Vesta Vantage


Vesta controllers are available in three models:

Vesta Pro
  • Vantage - Compact and powerful
  • Pro - Heavy duty for Commercial / Industrial applications
  • Classic - Plenty of channels at a modest price

Click here for more information and a comparison of the Vesta controllers.

Common Sensors and Accessories

Click here for our most commonly used sensors and accessories:

Temperature Sensor Humidity Sensor
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Electrical current
  • Breakout boxes

These sensors and accessories work with all Vesta controller models.

Relay and Control Modules

Relay Box

Relay and control modules for controlling or sensing high voltage devices.


Professional Diagnostics Kit

Pre-configured kits ready to go out of the box:

  • Building Monitor
  • Second Home
  • Professional Diagnostics
  • Custom

Cables, Connectors, and Tools

Everything that you need to connect Vesta components together.

CAT5 Cables RJ11 crimp connectors An RJ12 wire clamp

Specialty Sensors

Wireless, wet floor, liquid level, custom, and other specialty sensors.