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About Us

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Vermont Energy Control Systems LLC designs and builds energy management systems in Addison county, Vermont. We use local resources for our sheet metal work, printing, and other subcontract work. Our circuit boards are designed and built in the United States.

Our mission is to make it easier and less risky for people to design, build, and efficiently use complex heating systems in their homes and businesses.

We've found that wood gasification and other high-efficiency heating systems are capable of remarkable performance, but are often operating far below their potential. Designers, installers, and users often don't have access to the information and tools that they need to get the most out of their systems.

Our business is dedicated to solving that problem.

Contact information:

614-918-VECS (614-918-8327)

History: The Problem

Wood for gasification

Our founder installed a wood gasification boiler in his residence in 2005. It worked well, but it needed heat storage in order to operate at peak efficiency. After adding heat storage, it became obvious that there was a problem: somehow, the system had to switch between getting heat from the wood boiler, from storage, or from the backup heat source. Ideally, it would optimize heat load management and system temperatures. Short of industrial control systems, there wasn't anything available that had the necessary power and flexibility.

To make matters worse, it was very difficult to see and understand what was happening in the system.

History: The Solution

Picture of the original NoFossil controller

The original version of the Vesta was developed to solve this problem, and a web site was created to share the lessons learned. This web site was named '', and our founder used 'Nofossil' as his screen name when participating in wood heat forums. Perhaps predictably, the control system became known in the wood heat community as the 'NoFossil Control System', or NFCS. The hardware design and software were shared on the web site on an open-source basis, and several people all across North America built their own.

However, there were many people who wanted the controller but didn't have the time, resources, or inclination to build it themselves. Eventually, several batches of NFCS systems were built and sold, with customers ranging from New Brunswick to Maryland to Idaho.

Building and supporting controllers became too much for one person to handle, and production wound down after about two years.

Vermont Energy Control Systems

A picture of the modern Vesta

Facing continued demand for the controller, we found partners and launched Vermont Energy Control Systems LLC to build and support a commercial version of the controller.

Although we started out using our controller to manage complex heating systems, our customers are using them for a much wider range of applications, from making craft malt for microbreweries to heat pump control to laboratory data collection.

We put the very best tools in the hands of our customers so that they can get the most out of their systems.

Please feel free to contact us with ideas or questions.