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Vesta Pro System Controller

Vesta Pro

The Vesta System Controller is the heart of the Vesta system. With support for Modbus and a wide range of industrial sensors, the Vesta Pro is designed for commercial / industrial applications. Like all Vesta controllers, the Pro is a networked web-enabled device that supports wireless sensors and includes the following:

Standard Features

  • 16 analog (sensor) inputs
  • 4 variable speed control outputs
  • 32 discrete (contact closure sensing) inputs
  • 32 discrete outputs (LED, relay control)
  • Built-in web server
  • Ethernet network port
  • Wireless Sensor Support
  • (2) 1 Wire Masters
  • Modbus
  • RS-232
  • All required software (including source code)


  • Wi-Fi Networking
  • Insteon Support

The Insteon support option allows the Vesta to communicate with and control selected Insteon devices.


Dimensions 6" Wide x 9.5" Long x 2" High (Approximately)
Power Supply UL listed wall mount power supply (included), 115vac nominal, 4 Amps
Power Consumption 3W nominal
Sensor Inputs 16 Channels, 0-5V, 24 bit resolution
Analog Outputs 4 Channels, 0-20ma current loop & 0-5V, 12 bit resolution
Discrete Inputs 32 Channels, 5V excitation, 2.1V nominal threshold
Discrete outputs 32 Channels, 12V supply, 200mA sink per channel


The Pro includes all of the Vesta software suite, including datalogging, charting, custom graphical user interface tools, remote notification, and control capability.

The software in the Vesta system is open source, licensed under GNU General Public License (GPL). Vesta systems are delivered with all source code. Users may modify or add to the Vesta software. A sample application template is provided along with all necessary compilers and development tools.

Software Specifications:

  • Embedded Linux, kernel version 4.1
  • Apache Web Server
  • SSH remote terminal access
  • FTP and NFS file transfer
  • Web-based interface for monitoring, control, and configuration
  • Battery-backed real-time clock, automatically synced to Internet time servers
  • Web-based software update capability

Ordering Notes

In some applications, the Vesta controller must be configured for the network where it will be installed. If you order online, we will contact you to obtain the necessary information.

VSCU-6Vesta Pro System Controller$2450.00
INST-6Insteon Option for Vesta Pro System Controller$150.00
WIFI-6Wi-Fi Option for Vesta Pro System Controller$100.00