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How To

  • Get Vesta IP

    In order to connect to your Vesta from remote locations, you need to know its external IP address. This page will give you the IP address based on your serial number. The serial number is on the right side panel of your Vesta.

  • Obtain Network Information

    As a network device, the Vesta has to be configured for the network it will be on. Normally that's done at the factory prior to delivery. This page describes how to obtain the information that we need to set up the Vesta. If your network configuration changes (perhaps due to a new router, for instance) this information may be needed to reconfigure the Vesta.

  • Enable External Access

    This is the ability to access your Vesta from 'outside' - when you're not in the same building. External access is not necessary, but most users want to see and/or control their system from their smart phones while on the road. This document covers the network configuration that's required to make external access possible.

  • Troubleshoot Network

    Sometimes computer networks don't work the way they should. If you're having difficulty accessing your Vesta, this document can help.

  • Change Network Settings

    The Vesta is usually set up before leaving the factory, but if it's moved to a different network (or if the network configuration changes) the Vesta's network settings will have to be changed to match. This document describes the process.