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This document is intended to help with initial setup and use of the Vesta Classic system Controller. It covers physical setup, electrical connections, and access to the built-in web interface. In addition to this document, there are additional companion documents:

  1. Rule Programming - creating rules to control external devices
  2. Graphical User Interface - creating custom 'live' graphical user interfaces

Historical Note: The Vesta controller is an evolution of an earlier control system that was known as the 'NoFossil Control System'. As such, there may be references to 'NFCS' in the documentation or in other places. For all intents and purposes, 'NFCS' can be considered synonymous with 'Vesta'.

Disclaimer: This documentation is under construction. Every effort is being made to ensure that it is accurate and complete. However, it is entirely possible that it may contain errors and omissions. If you see a problem, please contact Vermont Energy Control Systems.