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VECS Testifies at the Digital Commerce & Consumer Protection Subcommittee hearing in DC on Internet Regulation, Innovation, & Security

June 19, 2017

Vermont Energy Control System’s (VECS) co-founder Bill Kuhns testified last week before the Digital Commerce & Consumer Protection Subcommitte hearing in Washington, DC, at the annual Internet of Things (IoT) Showcase Event.

The IoT encompasses any and all devices which can be connected to the Internet and to each other, from cell phones to coffee makers to smart homes. VECS designs and manufactures electronic devices using cutting edge technology for IoT applications.

Bill Kuhns' testimony before congress highlighted the importance of IoT innovation and related opportunities and challenges, especially for small businesses. Kuhns' message to congress is that Internet technology-connected businesses need “as few barriers and impediments as possible for the evolution of this technology to proceed.” Kuhns discussed the importance of creating, designing, and innovating without “heavy-handed regulation that could stifle innovation and distract the entrepreneur from focusing on the purpose of the business.”

Watch the full testimony video below.