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High-Humidity Monitoring

June 29, 2017

Vermont Energy Control Systems is proud to introduce a new humidity sensor. Developed in conjunction with the University of Vermont, this sensor is ideal for long-term use in high-humidity environments where conventional sensors will fail. Applications include the processing and aging of specialty foods and long-term storage of root vegetables and other crops requiring high humidity.

The CalTron can provide accurate readings of the full range of relative humidity (RH), while most other sensors can only provide readings within a range of 20-80% RH and some electro-mechanically fail outside this range. The CalTron is designed to operate at temperatures as low as 0° Celsius while maintaining RH accuracy. The CalTron also provides automated RH calculation, +/- 1% RH accuracy over the full RH range, integration of temperature measurement, extensive datalogging, and control of devices such as heating and humidification units.

This innovation in humidity sensors is possible because the CalTron uses high-accuracy thermistors instead of the more typical electronic sensors, and is therefore able to function and take accurate readings in high humidity and cold temperatures where other sensors fail.

The CalTron is ideal for food processing and specialty manufacturing, as it is able to accurately measure humidity levels too high for a traditional sensor, but crucial for the quality of the product. Use of this specialized humidity sensor can lead to reduced storage product loss, increased product quality, increased production control for artisanal food products, and reduced labor.

This humidity sensor is avialble now. Please contact us for more details.