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Designers / Builders




Existing Customers

Whatever your role, we give you the tools to get the most out of your system.

Our Vesta provides direct control of standard Taco, Grundfos, and Honeywell circulators and zone valves. It performs all the functions of a zone controller, differential controller, outdoor reset controller, and setpoint controller in a single device. Unlike the individual stand-alone devices that it replaces, all functions can be planned to work seamlessly together. Every input, output, and control action is logged to support analysis and fine-tuning.

We believe that it's your system. You should be able to make it work for you. The Vesta controller provides industrial quality reliability with a simple web based interface. It's easy to use. Plug-in sensors and a flexible rule engine give you the tools that you need.

Typical Applications

  • Multi-source heating systems with wood gasification boilers and heat storage.
  • Integration of solar hot water with storage and backup heat sources.
  • Industrial controls.
  • Multi-room heat and air conditioning setback.
  • Complex heat pump systems.

In our experience, very few systems work as designed. Energy is silently wasted due to a variety of unseen problems.

Our goal is to help you get the most out your system - new or old, simple or complex. Our Open Source solution puts you in control: 

  • Monitor temperature, pressure, electrical current, humidity - quickly, easily, and accurately from anywhere. See what's happening at any time.
  • Log your data - every input, every output, every minute. Up to 12 months of data can be logged internally. Data can also be logged to a remote database if desired.
  • Control your environment. Perform direct control of relays, lights, pumps, and fans using simple rules.
  • Analyze system performance. See and understand system behavior.

Control your destiny. The Vesta system includes a powerful web interface and a wide range of sensing and control options with no monthly fees. Read more or contact us for details.